The Red POny

A Different Kind of Wine Bar

Where did it come from? Where is it going?

The Red Pony began as so many new businesses begin - as a dream. When I opened Wine at Five I always felt that the wine store needed a sibling. Sadly in the State of New York a retail licensee can only own 1 retail license. But, the law allows that same licensee to own as many restaurant licenses as they wish. So the idea began. But who would spend a ton of money on a ski chalet in a beautiful ski resort and yet still have to drive to the slopes? I wasn't going to open a wine bar at one corner of town and not have the wine store right next to it. And so the idea gestated.

In 2016 the old Smoke Shop was finally demolished and in its place a new building was created. And it was perfect. A wine bar with a wine store right next door. And in the center of town - even better.

In January 2017 we began work and on December 22, 2017 we opened the doors.

The Dream became reality